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CyberNest Constructs Your Infrastructure With Precision

Colocation Offerings Overview

CyberNest provides state-of-the-art colocation space at present. With immediate connectivity to the internet exchange and a range of advanced features, CyberNest leverages cutting-edge tools to deliver a highly secure product. 

Find Your Home.

CyberNest Has Colocation Space Available Now!

Our International Locations Include:

  • Frankfurt

  • Paris

  • Tokyo

Our United States Locations Include:

  • Atlanta

  • Dallas

  • Los Angeles

  • Chicago

  • New York

  • Portland

  • Washington D.C

  • Salt Lake City 

  • Miami

All Current Datacenters Are Tier 3+

Compliance Offered:

Protect Your Data Now. 

Compliance Offered At All Datacenters:


  • ISO 27001



  • SSAE

Electronic Card and Biometric Security, 24/7 security team, Closed circuit cameras facility wide.

Physical Security 

This feature ensures low-latency, high-speed communication, and optimal performance for businesses colocating in CyberNest facilities.

Cross Connections Are Available 


Power Redundancy


Cooling Redundancy

Datacenter Features

Solutions Fit For Any 

CyberNest specializes in providing build-to-suit solutions tailored to meet your unique data center needs. Our expert team collaborates closely with you to design and implement a customized infrastructure that aligns perfectly with your requirements and specifications.

Build - to -Suit

CyberNest excels in creating hybrid model solutions that seamlessly integrate on-premises infrastructure with cloud services. Our innovative approach enables businesses to leverage the benefits of both environments, optimizing performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Hybrid Model Creation

CyberNest specializes in hyperscale deployment solutions, providing businesses with the infrastructure and capabilities to scale their operations rapidly. Our advanced technologies and scalable architecture ensure high performance, reliability, and efficiency for hyperscale computing needs.

Hyperscale Deployment

Colocation Starting Prices

Single Slot Colocation 
Starting at $130

How Does It Work? 

The first crucial step involves identifying your organization's goals and assessing the current layout of your infrastructure. Understanding your unique objectives and evaluating your existing setup allows us to tailor our solutions effectively.

Identifying Goals and Current Layout

Step 1

Following the initial step of identifying goals and assessing the current layout, we seamlessly transition to the second step – assessing results. This critical phase involves a thorough examination of the deployment's performance, ensuring that it aligns with your organizational objectives. Our experts analyze the outcomes meticulously, allowing for necessary adjustments and optimizations. 

 Assessing Results.

Step 2

Following the initial steps of identifying goals and assessing results, we embark on the crucial third step – implementing and securing your infrastructure. Our seasoned professionals leverage cutting-edge technologies to execute the deployment plan efficiently, prioritizing security at every level. Trust CyberNest to transform your private cloud or colocation deployment experience.

Implement &



Step 3

Monitor systems, Move Equipment and More!

Take Action Today 

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Powerful, Vigilant and Easy to Use


Embark on your journey with CyberNest today and experience a seamless transition to advanced data center solutions. Our streamlined onboarding process ensures quick and efficient setup, allowing you to harness the power of cutting-edge infrastructure without delays. Start maximizing your IT capabilities, optimizing performance, and achieving your business objectives with CyberNest by your side.

Get Started with CyberNest Today

1/2 Rack 
Starting at $1000

Full Rack 
Starting at $1900

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