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Strategic Partnership Formed: CyberNest Collaborates with Infrascale

Updated: Mar 3

ATLANTA ,Georgia 4/20/2023

Data protection is crucial for every business, and finding the right backup and disaster recovery partner is essential. That's where Infrascale comes in - a company that prioritizes data protection above everything else, while also striving to innovate for the customer and engage openly. They're a company that lives by their values of W.I.S.E. (Win as a team, Innovate for the customer, Strive for excellence, and Engage openly).

One of the things that sets Infrascale apart is their Colocation and Hyperscale benefits for customers. Their Backup and Disaster Recovery (IBDR) solution has four different versions that cater to various customer requirements. This flexibility is something that not many companies offer, from the option to bring your own appliances or cloud (co-lo) to utilizing full turn-key solutions that include usage of cloud and appliances. The IBDR solution software is designed to scale up as needed both locally and in the cloud (or co-lo), making it the perfect solution for businesses of any size.

CyberNest is thrilled to partner with Infrascale, bringing long-term results to businesses with three solutions. The first is a direct-to-cloud, file and folder backup solution called ICB. The second is a cloud-to-cloud solution (ICAB) for protecting cloud application services like Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and G-Suite. Lastly, the IBDR solution is perfect for those who need to spin VMs for business continuity during a disaster. Infrascale also provides 24x7 mission-critical support and implementation for the IBDR solution.

By partnering with Infrascale, CyberNest can provide businesses with top-of-the-line data protection solutions. With their range of offerings, businesses can rest easy knowing that their data is safe and secure, no matter what happens. AWO Phoenix is dedicated to helping businesses safeguard their data before disaster strikes. Contact CyberNest today to learn more about their partnership with Infrascale and how they can help protect your business.

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