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Innova Solutions joins the CyberNest Family

Updated: Mar 3

Atlanta, Georgia 4/5/2023

CyberNest is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Innova Solutions, a leading provider of staffing and solution options for businesses. As the 4th largest staffing company in America, Innova Solutions boasts a vast network of over 50,000 clients and employees, with projected revenues of upwards of $3 billion this year.

According to Benjamin Taylor, Business Development Manager at Innova Solutions, the company is always excited to collaborate with start-ups, as such partnerships can be mutually beneficial in driving growth. He emphasized the importance of building and maintaining a healthy working relationship with CyberNest, regardless of the latter's revenue size, and pledged to be a reliable resource for staffing and solution needs.

CyberNest CEO Jonathan Kelly expressed his excitement about the partnership and highlighted Innova's potential contributions to future CyberNest projects, including Phoenix One. To learn more about Innova Solutions and how they can assist your business, please visit the link provided below.

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