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DFW1 - 400 S Akard St. Dallas, TX 75202
Power N+1
Cooling N+1
Electronic Card and Biometric Security, 24/7 security team, Closed circuit cameras facility wide.
On-Site Support 24x7x365, Remote Hands

CyberNest Dallas


CyberNest prides itself on its ability to seamlessly integrate businesses into top-tier data centers like DFW1 at 400 S Akard St. Dallas, TX 75202. This state-of-the-art facility offers a multitude of advantages that align perfectly with CyberNest's commitment to reliability, security, and operational excellence.

One of the key features of DFW1 is its N+1 redundancy, ensuring that critical systems have backup components in case of failure. This redundancy extends to power and cooling systems, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations even during unexpected events.

Security is paramount at DFW1, with electronic card and biometric access controls that restrict entry to authorized personnel only. A 24/7 security team monitors the premises, complemented by closed-circuit cameras throughout the facility, providing comprehensive surveillance and threat detection capabilities.

Compliance is another area where DFW1 excels, boasting certifications such as PCI-DSS, SSAE, SOC 1 Type II, and SOC 2 Type II. These certifications demonstrate the facility's adherence to stringent security and operational standards, giving businesses peace of mind knowing their data is protected and managed with the highest level of care.

For operational support, DFW1 offers on-site assistance 24x7x365, ensuring that technical issues can be addressed promptly and efficiently. Additionally, remote hands services are available, allowing businesses to delegate tasks and maintenance remotely, further enhancing operational flexibility and agility.

By leveraging the robust infrastructure and support services provided by DFW1, CyberNest empowers businesses to operate with confidence, knowing they are hosted in a secure, compliant, and resilient environment that prioritizes uptime and data protection.

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